Youth Programs

Every child deserves to be safe

140322_UMAA_0507Help your children protect themselves and feel confident both in the real world and online when confronted with bullies and other challenging situations.

Bullying has become a major concern at schools, on playgrounds and even online. UMAA offers youth programs that help children learn how to confidently de-escalate these situations and feel confident in their surroundings. Our programs also help children better focus and concentrate, while paying careful attention to details.

As a parent you cannot be there all of the time to protect your children. Our classes will help to ensure that your child is able to protect him or herself and always gets home safe.

In addition, our classes also focus on camaraderie and you can be sure that your child will be paired up with other like-minded and focused youth.

“Your instructor provided an enlightening and empowering experience, was able to inspire the youth by bringing out their best qualities as warriors, and to set many of them on a path to seeking greater teaching in the future.”
by Laulani Teale, MPH, Coordinator NHBA/NHLC Peacemaking Project, Peace Warriors Youth Group Hawai'i