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History about UMAA

Universal Martial Arts Academy, Inc. was formed in 2002, by husband and wife team, James & Deundra Hundon. UMAA’s current San Francisco location opened in November 2010 when James, instructed by Deundra to secure a storage unit for the martial art training equipment that had taken over their home, returned with a signed rental agreement. This space became ground zero for UMAA to maintain their mission of increasing public safety and community health through quality self defense training for professionals and the general public through weaponless defensive tactics.



James along with a friend of ours designed the logo.The UMAA logo is a visual representation of the Small Circle Ju Trap Boxing philosophy to Blend, Adapt and Become One with Movement. The interplay between the snakes and weapons encompasses universal movement: striking and circling motions; straight lines and curves; and constant change in motion.

The stick and dagger crossed represent understanding angles of defense and attack. The knife also represents cutting through ignorance and negativity. It is a tool as well as a weapon it can be used to build with or to defend oneself. This highlights the two sides of all traditional martial arts: fighting and healing.


The two snakes represent the universal dance between yin and yang energies that is in everything. Mamba snakes are used because they prefer peace, but when threatened will fight fiercely to defend themselves, striking repeatedly. The black mamba* is the more aggressive, no-nonsense snake (yang); the green mamba is more passive – but is equally deadly when provoked (yin). The circling, coiling motions of the snakes also specifically represent the Jujitsu in our art.

*Black mambas are actually a dark greyish green, and are called black because of the color of their mouths.

“It is my opinion that Professor Hundon is one of the most well rounded and knowledgeable instructors I have ever known. I would highly recommend Professor Hundon as a consultant for defensive tactics, security or dignitary protection training.”
by Ken McMCullum, Deputy Sheriff, Alameda County, CA